Mungkin bukan cuman gw kali ya yang pernah mengalami bad experience with taxi,so begini cerita nya

a few months ago,i got to catch first flight to KL around 6 in the very jakarta morning.So…. cab is e only option for me to get to the airport as soon as possible beside damri bus,and the nearest street to get a cab from my house is at the main street,and it 2 blocks away. When i get to the main street i realized that i forgot to put my glasses on. Damn !! that’s mean i can’t see Blue Bird taxi which is the best and the most trust taxi in my town. The only option here i just need to see what color is the car,blue? yellow? white? or black (*read:expensive) ? . At this situation of light i can barely see what kind of car was that,so color still best option here.

After 10 single damn minutes there,finally i see the blue car………

tharaaaaa that not taxi what i am looked for , damn !! and you know what , that was really really really old car with and half old smoking driver with no air con ON,and  i was like … what happen to my eyes. when i get inside i don’t even see the ID of the driver, since than i knew that is illegal cab.There is noting i can say, i already stopped and i am already in side and i am running out of time,i just need God by my side in this case.

“where you want to go sir?”

“to my house first to get my luggage and straight to the airport”

“sorry,can you repeat that again”

“air port”


i am sick of this cab, it running so slow like 200 year old turtle.In the middle of the journey he asked permission to get to gas station,another trouble with trouble taxi and trouble driver at trouble time.i said oke,but where is the gas station,and he said that the nearest station to the high way at slipi , and i said oke as long he run faster than this car could.

“i think we better not through the high way,because we already close to the airport from herehe said


“it’s too far if we get to the u turn way”


i smell something fishy here,  i am start panic

“where you want to go sir?”

“surabaya” instead KL, to make he think that i am not bring big mount of cash

“what airline?”

“air asia”

“so,terminal 3”

“no,i want to eat at terminal 2”

“can you running faster,just like the others” at the highway, other car run maybe 100-80 km/H and this shit run for 40 km/h.

“i think you are not in hurry”

“so,is that what you think”

  1. tell me in Bahasa please…

      • mustofawalker
      • December 6th, 2009

      use google translate to help you

    • Arie
    • December 6th, 2009

    Panjengan ngendika napa tho Mas Walker????

    • Arie
    • December 6th, 2009

    Nyuwun sewu, bade dipun ralat sekedhik …
    ‘Panjenengan ngendika napa tho Mas Walker????’

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