Q & A

where have you backpacked?

so far only east part of Asia and India. i always dream of Africa and middle east

what short of backpacker are you?

in the middle between hardcore and casual.

What is the most important to you when backpacking?comfort,experience,or cost?

the experience definitely. Being by yourself, you find strengths and limits that you were unaware of and it help you grow as a person. but also i save on accommodation but would splurge by trying bungee jumping, i always remember! money can’t buy experience.

Best backpacking experience?

too many – every backpacking trip introduces me to a new place, a new adventure and a new map to find my way around. if i have to choose just one, i think India trip would be winner , i spent 15 days around India by myself. when you have the absolute freedom to go anywhere and do anything you want at anytime , unforeseen opportunities present themselves , being invited into someone wedding  and met some locals that help to show me around the city, they show me how they love their country and told me about their culture. it would’ve been expensive if i hired a guide to know about it.

Least favourite backpacking experience?

i don’t like to amidst big tourist crowds but when you backpack for long period of time, you have to expect to have bad days. If you keep an open mind and make the best of situation, they can become some of your favourite memories . Lesson learned!

Any place you haven’t been to than you would like to backpack in?

Top of my list right now is China and Middle east. It draws me to the excitement of the unknown to be discovered and enjoyed. *sigh

Tips for first time backpackers?

MAKE IT HAPPEN. The rest that you need to know, you’ll pick up along the way and be flexible. If it doesn’t go your way, stay positive and enjoy the journey. Meeting fellow travellers and strangers is an essential part of the backpacking experience, one that you’ll miss if you keep to yourself.

what does backpacking offer that no other type of vacation can ?

once again “Money can’t buy experience!”

that’s it , let me know what you think by email me yours Q&A!

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