Spoiler is my middle name , you may know it if you are my friend.So i am about to spoil my future trip, where and when it would be.

1. Sulawesi (25 sept-2okt 2011)

this trip would be my first time to visit Sulawesi thanks to Citilink for the promo, as you know it Sulawesi is the place where East meet West. i will explore Togean Island , Toraja , and visit my best friend in Palu to get my bag back! LOL.

2. Long way down Beijing-Jakarta over land (9 feb 2012 – ?)

i booked oneway ticket to Beijing , my plan is to do overland trip from Beijing to Jakarta. I hope i can make it happen, i know it is BIG and sounds impossible but i will do the best i can, i hope for something to learn before my VERY BIG trip (top secret).

3.Osaka (30 may-6 june 2012)

once again i can’t resist promo ticket. i don’t even know what i can see in Japan and it’s not even on my “wish list” or” you wish list “. is it that expensive ? let we see how musthofa walker do it ! 😉

soooo , i need some advise from anyone who ever been to this place .

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